SINCE 1912

A perfected design

If it ain’t broke – don’t fix it. Our iconic bib overalls remain unchanged for over a century, because if they were any different, they wouldn’t be Liberty overalls.

Men's Overalls

Built for him

Kid's Overalls

Made for them

Get it done – on your terms
We don’t care what you do in these overalls, as long as it’s (mostly) legal.

Back Roads to Back Forty

Liberty is about the freedom to be unapologetically yourself and stay true to what you do. Our fans wear Liberty proudly as a badge of self-reliance, dependability and trust.​

Family Threads

Raised Right In Liberty

Five generations rooted in Liberty is not a story you hear every day. But from the small Tennessee town of Spring City we caught wind of a grandfather who wore his Liberty Overalls nearly every day of his life and passed his ethic on.


Hard Work SPEAKS for itself